Light as a Feather​/​Straight as an Arrow

by Minor Birds

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wonderdog Scrumptious remixes. It's nice to have the source songs on the same album. Favorite track: Meaningful(P.D. Wilder Remix).
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Hassles Its the immensity of the presence generated - seriously fantastic. I had "Hold Back All my Dark" and had to have more!


Four song EP with five remixes.


released August 14, 2012

all songs written & recorded by minor birds
mixed by michael mosca at zombie land - atlanta
mastered by steve corrao at sage audio - nashville



all rights reserved


Minor Birds San Diego, California

Minor Birds is a three piece hailing from Oakland, Ca. They write songs of love and the lack thereof.


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Track Name: Meaningful
This breath is a means to an end
Just the stroke of a pen
In a novel not worth writing unless there's a twist at the end
It's all just an attempt
To hold the attention of others
If only for a little while
Because all we want is love
But we can't have love until we give love
And love is everything we've ever had
It's hard to explain
But once you get it
It's like the twist at the end
Track Name: Meet Me After Dark
Night breaks day
Light fades away
I lean in close because I want to say
It's not too late

But it is
The creatures begin to stir
Showing off their glowing eyes
And those expensive furs

I take you by the hand
As we try to leave them all behind
We can leave them all behind
If we could just make it around the bend

You look back and I can hear you scream
I say "It's okay, the night just changes things, and me"
Ignore the glowing eyes
Let's just make it around the bend
And hope when day breaks it'll all be the same again
I hope I'll be the same again

There's no knowing what's to come
As we run from each other
And we run from ourselves
The truth is we're all monsters
And no one can tell...
Whats around the bend
Track Name: Dia De Los Muertos
These days creep on
’till were drinkin’ again
As the the night settles in
we will be drinkin’ with friends
‘Till the sun comes up
we will be happy again

When we dance in the dust of the dead
We will dance in the dust of the dead

We are all just living
’till it happens again
These old snakes slither
as it happens again
Our dreams all wither
we will be happy again

When we dance in the dust of the dead
We will dance in the dust of the dead

We wake up knowing
Everything ends
We bury the bodies
that have paid for their sins
Sure we’re gonna miss ‘em
we will be happy again

When we dance in the dust of the dead
We will dance in the dust of the dead
Track Name: Steps
We wake up
We go out
We put up
We break down

Spread so thin
This veneer that coats our skin
Prevents your touch
Yet I feel so much
I feel so...

Underwater but breathing
It's hard just being here
We are done with it all
We are still so involved
We are still so...

Caught up in this shit
We are still a part of this
You've done this to me
I've done this to you

Can't we just let this go
We need to let it all go

There is nothing left
Only Aching regret
This hurt in my chest
Oh, what could have been...