Hold Back All My Dark

by Minor Birds

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released 25 February 2013

All songs written by Joel W. & Chelsea W. © 2012

Produced and recorded at Great Modulator Studios, Murphys, CA

Performed by:
Chelsea W. - Vocals, Keys, Electric & Acoustic Guitar,
Joel W. - Contra bass
Rick Moore - Percussion. Violin & Clarinet on "Wake Up Mr. Green".
Andrew Weathers - Drones on "Linear Thoughts"

Ascension Recordings & Publications 2013.



all rights reserved


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Minor Birds Twain Harte, California

Chelsea and Joel have been playing music together in different capacities since 2004, but after a series of tragic events in 2008, followed by an almost year long dry spell, their thoughts and talents took shape as Minor Birds. The relationship these two have is very honest and open and it comes across in the music they create. ... more


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Track Name: Prey
Eagles circle the sky
Over the peaks and pass
The world turns to stone
Trying to make this feeling last

Death waits on the surface
Life remains in the cracks
The sun burns our faces
The stones are cold on our back

Turning circles in our eyes
Trying to make this feeling last
Track Name: Meet Me After Dark
Night breaks day
Light fades away
I lean in close because I wanna say
"It's not too late"
But it is
The creatures begin to stir
Showing off their glowing eyes
And those expensive furs

I take you by the hand
As we try to leave it all behind
We can leave them all behind
If we can just make it around the bend

You look back and I can hear you scream
I say "it's ok. The night just changes things
In me"
Ignore the glowing eyes
Let's just make it around the bend
And when day breaks it'll all be the same again
I hope I'll be the same again

There's no knowing what's to come
As we run from each other
And we run from ourselves
The truth is, we're all monsters
And no one can tell
What's around the bend
Track Name: What Will We Do When There's Nothing Left?
The sky turns from blue to green
As I run along the barren stream
Feathers and talons
Teeth and scales
Coming up from the ground
Reaching up from hell

They only take what I wont sell
So I sell, and I sell, and I…

Out of breath
I’ve been running too long
I’ve got nothing to show
My wind is gone
Im an old tired fox
The hounds have my smell
Through the woods and creeks
They never lose my trail

They only take what I wont sell
So I sell, and I sell and I…
Track Name: Wake Up Mr. Green
Hey Machine just chugging along
Yeah, Machine, you're just moving right along
Must be a king or at least a rook
And I'm just a pawn but I'm not afraid to look

You must be so strong
But my bones are made of straw
So you should just keep carrying on
There's nothing I could do to stop you

I'm not alone
I've got brothers and sisters and all these animals
Don't mind them at all
Just keep moving right along

Well, we're leaving rocks on the tracks
When you hop off we'll be there to disassemble you
Take what we need and burn the rest
While you were full of yourself you should've been looking ahead

I'm not alone
I've got brothers and sisters and all these animals
Don't mind them at all....
Track Name: Danger
We talked
Like we knew what we were talking about
We claimed we could predict the future
Until we did
It scared us shitless

We cried out into the depths of space
When no one answered we lost our faith
and it scared us shitless

Then we lost ourselves to modern distractions
Trying to forget about the facts and figures
Well, it figures that our fortunes would come true
When we let the past tell us what to do
There is only one destination when you follow the path
Have we reached the end at last?

Come to find our S.O.S. is lost in space
No one can remember what we were scared of anyway
but it scared us shitless

Whatever the case
We are now safe

Behind locked doors with lost keys
Free to be what no eyes can see
Forsaking all forms of humanity
In forgetting we made it reality
Track Name: Let It All Float Away
Yeah, the water is cold and we are all alone
but I want to take you down and watch the sediment settle.
Yeah, we could die and probably never be found
but what if we lived, if even just a moment before we drowned?

How beautiful and serene it would be.
How peaceful and weightless it would seem.
It would be like a recurring dream you just cant shake.
Those moments of falling before you wake.

Yeah, the water is cold and we are all alone
but I want to take you down and watch the sediment settle.

It would cover our bones
and let the rest wash away to corrode
further down river.
Track Name: Double Or Nothing
I’d say I’m happy
Others think differently
They say I’m depressed
That my thoughts are twisted
I just think differently

I do everything wrong and it shows
I’ve taken for granted more chances than you could know
It’s not that I don’t think things through
I just think differently

I just like a challenge
Win or lose
Life’s a gamble
and I’ve never been too good with luck

I put it all on black
Let it ride

Take me into the back alley and knock my teeth out
Take what you need to settle the debt
I’ll take whats left
I just want to see what happens next

I put it all on black
Let it ride
Track Name: Linear Thoughts
We are the meaningless
Ants in a line
Marching there and back

All glory to the queen

Until we are caught in the sun
Through the looking glass
Flushed out with water from the hose
Crushed under the weight
Of all that flesh and bone
Still we have no home

Ghosts following the line
Marching there and back

All glory to the queen